Things to do Cabo


El Arco

El Arco is the most famous landmark in Cabo and Land’s End is just the end of the Baja California peninsula. Approximately every four years, the tide changes, and the beach emerges so you can walk underneath the Arch. Lover’s Beach is on the bay side and is calm, while Divorce Beach has strong waves. It’s like a relationship.


ATV Ride

Get picked up at your hotel and head for the desert and beach shores of Los Cabos for this exciting ATV excursion. Approximately 25 miles north of Cabo San Lucas, this tour is great because there is no riding on busy city streets, and virtually no limits to where you can ride.


Zip Lining

In addition to hanging over 92 meters above ground, they reach up to 815 meters in length (nearly 8 football fields). Fly across canyons, passing close to rock formations and watching the oasis below!


Camel Safari

These gentle visitors from Egypt will take you on a fun and unique 20 minutes ride across the white sands of the beach. Enjoy the spectacular view of the ocean and desert from the top of the camel.


Whale Watching

Do not miss the opportunity to take one of the most popular tours in the region. Whale watching have seen an increased interest for one reason,you have the chance to come close to these enormous animals and see them in their natural habitat. Most commonly you will see Humpback and Gray whales, now they are considered as Mexican residents,but it is not rare to see Blue, Sperm and even Orcas.


Swim with dolphins

Enjoy one of the most dynamic swim with dolphins program in all of Mexico an unforgettable experience that you will keep for the rest of your life.



If you're a serious fisherman, you'll want to come fishing to Cabo and if you are new to fishing then you could not be in safer hands. People often travel thousands of miles to do so.


Cabo Pulmo

Experience scuba diving and snorkeling in The National Park of Cabo Pulmo, home to 256 species of fish, it holds one of the 3 unique living reefs in all of North America. It is also known to be feeding and nesting sites for a considerable amount of birds, whale sharks, gray whales and sea turtles.


Todos Santos

Recognized as one of the Magic Towns of the Baja California Peninsula. Part of the mystery might have relation with the "Hotel California" located here. Some people relate it with the famous Eagles’ song; which according to a tale, the song was inspired to them while staying in this hotel long time ago. Todos Santos’ Hotel California is settled in a beautiful building and it's a must visit.


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