Why is this package so affordable

Save To Travel offers deep discounts on getaway travel at preview rates with the purpose of introducing travelers to the benefits of vacation ownership for long-term savings along with a wonderful breakfast to show you something you're probably already curious about. The choice to make a vacation ownership purchase is a personal decision that will be based on many factors, but the choice to buy a discounted vacation package and preview a resort has never been easier.

Do you include airfare

No, but we help you arrange the most affordable price possible in the market, guaranteeing our beat or match policy.

How are we able to offer such significant discounts

Our vacation ownership club does not believe in traditional advertising, we believe in word of mouth and instead of marketing through different channels; we use our marketing dollars targeted towards folks who have shown the highest propensity to purchase Vacation Ownership, and therefore we are able to offer significant savings on vacation packages. During your stay we are confident that you’ll have such a great experience that you’ll tell all of your friends and family about us.

Do I have to purchase a vacation ownership membership

As a VIP guest you are under no obligation to purchase.

Is this a per person or per night price

The price shown is per qualified couple for the designated number of nights. Please see the Terms and Conditions or Details of Participation for any additional charges or call 1 (855) 717 5296 to speak with one of our Reservation Specialist.

Are additional rooms available at a discounted rate

Additional rooms may be available at a discounted rate. This can easily be arranged by contacting us at 1 855 717 5296.

Does the resort allow pets

Only Certified service animals are allowed.

How do I get directions to the resort

Maps and directions to the resort will be provided in your email confirmation.

Are handicapped rooms available

Handicapped rooms may or may not be available on request (subject to availability). Please call 1 855 717 5296 for more information.

Which airport is closest to the resort

Both, Puerto Vallarta and Cancún have an International Airport available.

How and when do I get my package gifts

Package gifts will be arranged and issued at the Welcome Center upon tour completion.

What is the cancellation policy

Please click on TERMS AND CONDITIONS or DETAILS OF PARTICIPATION to view the cancellation policy. The cancellation policy can also be found in your confirmation that is emailed to you after making a reservation.

Are smoking rooms available

Yes, smoking rooms are available upon request (subject to availability).

Do the rooms have balconies/patios

Yes, the room does have a balcony or patio.

Where and when is my 90 minute presentation

Your accommodation will be at Cancun 5 Star Resort, which is also the location for your 90 minute resort sales presentation. A link to map and directions will be provided in an email confirmation that will be sent to you upon booking a reservation. The day and time of your presentation will be scheduled at check-in.

Is the Cancun or Puerto Vallarta resort located by the beach

Yes, all of our resorts are ocean front.

Does the resort have dining available

Yes, all of our resorts feature on-site dining.

Does the resort have internet access

Yes, the resort does offer internet access, for an additional cost.

How do I qualify for this package

Each vacation package has unique qualifications set forth by the resort developer. Please review the Terms and Conditions or Details of Participation to see if you qualify, or you may call us at 1 855 717 5296 and speak with one of our Reservation Specialists.

Is there a Shuttle from the Airport to the Resort

No, the resort does not offer a shuttle service from the airport to the resort. Unless you arrange that with one of our customer service representatives.

Is parking complimentary at Cancun or Puerto Vallarta Resorts

Yes, Parking is available at all of our resorts. Please call 1 855 717 5296 for more information.

Does the resort have car rentals available onsite

In the concierge desk of the resort you can make your arrangement for the car rental.

How many people does a deluxe studio accommodate

The deluxe studio accommodates a maximum of 4, 2 Adults and 2 Children (Children must be under the age of 12 Years old). Please see the Details of Participation for any age restrictions, or additional guest charges.

How many people does a One Bedroom accommodate

The One Bedroom accomodates a maximum of 4 adults. For more information call us at our toll free number 1 855 717 5296.

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