Puerto Vallarta

Grand Resort

5 Days 4 Nights! 2 Adults

Hacienda Resort

5 Days 4 Nights! 2 Adults

Friend Resort

5 Days 4 Nights! 2 Adults

Mismaloya Resort

5 Days 4 Nights! 2 Adults & 2 Kids

Marina Resort & Spa

5 Days 4 Nights! 2 Adults & 2 Kids

Grand Hotel & Spa

5 Days 4 Nights! 2 Adults & 2 Kids

Palm Trees Resort

Per Night! 2 Adults & 2 Kids

Marigalante Activitie

For Kids and Adults

About Puerto Vallarta

This magic captured from so many red sunsets has enticed nationals as well as foreigners from all over the world to make this magical bay their home. This chemistry imbues Puerto Vallarta with a creative, open and fulfilled multi-culture. There is so much you will want to make the most of in Puerto Vallarta, one of Mexico’s top locations at the heart of Banderas Bay. Visitors enjoy daily sunsets from the seafront boardwalk called The Malecón, or delight in whale watching tours. There are so many wonderful adventures and activities to be had: swimming with dolphins, bungee jumping. ATV hire, zip lining, diving and much more.

Puerto Vallarta’s will offer you activities as well as relaxing stunning sandy beaches will delight you, or why not take a lazy meander through the eclectic flea market where you will surely find a bargain or two. It is surrounded on one side by the Sierra Madre Mountains, and beautiful Banderas Bay on the other. Puerto Vallarta and the Bay area boast everything from breathtaking sunsets, warm sandy beaches, and incredible natural beauty to exciting mountain and ocean adventure.

Puerto Vallarta is truly a world class tourist destination, named “Friendliest City” by Conde Nast in 2001, “Best place in the world to retire” by AARP (North American Association of Retired Persons), “Best Vacation Destination in Mexico” by USNews.com in 2010, “Most Romantic Place in Mexico” and “Favorite Beach Destination in Mexico” by About.com in 2012, “Best place for Conventions” in a convention marketing magazine and listed in “Top 10 Destinations in Mexico” by TripAdvisor in 2015.




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